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18" Day / Night Reversable Sideline Marker

12" Sideline Markers

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18" Day / Night Reversable Sideline Markers

(Weighted bottoms / will not blow away in the wind)

18” Day/Night Reversible Sideline Markers - Set of 11

These reversible sideline markers have shot-weighted bases. Markers easily reverse from Orange for day games to Yellow for night games. Constructed of nylon-reinforced vinyl with pliable foam-filled sides. Fold flat for storage. Made of non-mildewing vinyl with foam inserts and Velcro® closures. Weighted bottoms help prevent movement in wind. Collapse on impact for player safety & fold flat for storage. Set of 11 markers includes 2 markers for each yard line and 1 fifty yard line marker.

Markers are numbered “G” (goal) through “50” in ten yard increments, then back down to “G” again.

FB260M Price $375



12” Sideline Markers - Set of 11

Weighted, foam-filled nylon reinforced vinyl, set of 11 - 12” numerals, 2/goal, 1/50, 2/40, 2/30, 2/20, 2/10.

FB259P BLACK ON ORANGE Set of 11........ $245

FB256P BLACK ON YELLOW Set of 11......... $245

FB258P WHITE ON BLACK Set of 11.............. $245

FB257P WHITE ON RED Set of 11 .................. $245

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