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Wireless AKG Microphone System

We have a complete line of the best Wireless Microphone Systems available!

AKG products are one of the most successful used World-Wide.

Developed in Vienna with the assistance from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra

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SR 470 Receiver


PT 470 Transmitter

WMS 470 Instrumental ...WMS 470 Presenter
Available AKG Microphones for Instruments


WMS 470 D5 Vocal ...WMS 470 C5 Vocal

Additional AKG Microphones for Vocalists



AKG WMS 470 is your best choice for any application calling for a solution that is more flexible than a simple plug-and-play system, yet easy to set up and operate. WMS 470 is a high-performancesolution for any situations where several radio mics will be used simultaneously, including performances for field soloists for marching band shows plus at clubs and stages, for regional events, seminars or house of worship applications.

With 30 MHz tuning range you can select 1200 frequencies and operate with up to 20 channels simultaneously within the same frequency band or up to 48 channels in multiple bands.

WMS 470 is the most cost-efficient wireless systems. Transmitters are powered by a single AA sizeAlkaline (LR6), or optional Lithium (FR6) or Ni-MH rechargeable (HR6) battery and provide up to 14 hours of continuous operation.

Being compatible and based on the technology of the professional WMS 4500 wireless system you can set up even complex wireless systems using antenna splitters, power supply units and the whole range of professional directional or omni-directional antennas.

CU 400 Charger for WMS 470

Required if using rechargeable batteries