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Pygraphics: 3D Simulator

With the Simulator, students can actually watch and practice their drill at home on their own computer.

After downloading the Simulator, drills are seamlessly loaded into it using the School On-line Account that is given to all 3D Java Interactive users. On the Simulator’s main screen, a spotlight highlights the student performer and shows the formations from the student’s perspective. The student uses a game dance pad to try their skill at determining the movement pace of their position. The Simulator tracks the student’s steps and direction at every count of the drill. The more accurate the student performs, the closer to 1000 points they get.

 A Leader Board is continuously updated and displayed on-line and displayed in the Simulator. The Leader Board lists the accomplishments of all participating students using their Simulator on the selected drill. The students try to advance themselves on the Leader Board by performing their drill over and over. In as little as one evening, the students have memorized their drill and have fun doing it.

 Students perform their simulated drill on a Pyware March Pad or they can use the numeric keypad. The Pyware March Pad is similar to the Game Pad used in the popular Dance Revolution game

1) Includes a designer’s installation of the new 3D Java Performance Simulator. The Simulator is a downloaded program provided for performers (or students). It engages performers in an interactive setting at home. The Simulator evaluates and scores their ability to keep strict tempo and step off in the correct direction as they march their individual drill assignment. The Simulator includes free, all of the features of the popular 3D Java Viewer used by performers, students, and drill design clients.

2) Creates 3D Production files for the new 3D Java Performance Simulator.

3) Manages the 3D Java Performance Simulator interactive Leader Board.

4) Combine separate drill files and create a single unified individual coordinate sheet. Prints coordinates on a single list of multi-drill productions.

 3D Java Performance Simulator Features

 1) The 3D Java Performance Simulator is included with 3D Interactive Java Version 4.1

2) Performers (or students) can download a 3D Java Performance Simulator. The simulator contains free all of the viewing and printing features of the 3D Drill Viewer. The simulation features of the 3D Java Performance Simulator are activated for a small charge. Drills and productions are automatically downloaded into the Simulator from the directors (or designers) free 3D Online Account.

3) Print on a single list, the personal coordinates of a multi-drill production. (Included free in the Simulator)

4) Watch drills either from performer’s viewpoint or overhead with the student’s position highlighted. (Included free in the Simulator)

 5) Print complete personalized drill books of a (multi-drill) production. Within the drill book, each page shows a set with a thumbnail chart, a zoomed chart with the performer position highlighted, the next 2 set locations dotted, and a written coordinate of the performer’s locations.

6) When simulating a production, the Simulator scores the student and the accuracy of their step synchronization and directional changes as they march their performance on the Pyware March Pad. Performers without a Pyware March Pad can use their computers numeric keypad as input when they perform their show


Pyware March Pad

Enhance the experience of the 3D Performance Simulator with the Pyware March Pad. Performers (students) execute their performance using the step off method adopted by many High School Bands and Drum Corps.

Pyware March Pad - $29.95 each


“In the past, I have handed out blank drill sheets for kids to plot their coordinates, and had written quizzes each week for them to write their coordinates from memory. Upon seeing the march pad, I thought the students would show more interest, because I have seen them play “Dance Dance Revolution” on a similar pad, and they really love it.” - Steve Scherer

 "The March Pad is the best way to learn to keep in step with the music." - Geneseo Band Student

 7) Performers step synchronization and directional changes are scored during their simulated performance with a top score of 1,000 points.

8) Performer’s scores are transmitted online to the drills performance Leader Board. Each week, students compete to get on the top of the leader board.

9) The top performer on the Leader Board can print a certificate that can be used by the director for rewards.

10) The 3D Java Performance Simulator also contains all of the features of iPAS Student Edition. With a musical instrument and a microphone, a performer (or student) can practice scale studies and warm-ups. The Simulator will assess and grade the students rhythmic and pitch accuracy.

11) The director (and/or teacher) can use the iPAS Teacher Manager (purchased separately) to create their own lessons that are downloaded into the Simulator for practice and grading. Grades and performances can be sent back to the iPAS Teacher Manager through a free iPAS Online Account.

This NEW Product is $7.95 for the Simulator Software and Performers Practice Tools plus $29.95 for the Simulator Pad.

There will be discounts for 12 or more.

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3D Java Performer’s Practice Tools

One of the most exciting features of 3D Java Interactive and 3D Java Professional is the downloadable Performer’s Practice Tools for performers (or students). The Performer’s Practice Tools is a suite of tools used at home by a performer for viewing, practicing, and printing their drills. Your performers pick up the drills at home effortlessly! No personal email account, no downloading of email attachments, no handling of data files. Everything is done automatically within the Performer’s Practice Tools. In minutes the most current copy of a drill is loaded directly into the program on the performer’s computer, ready to use. The suite of tools include: The Drill Explorer, The 3D Performance Simulator, The Drill Book printout, The Coordinate List printout, and The Thumbnail Charts printout.

 “The marching pad is a really helpful tool. It helps you with pulse, direction changes, and memorization. Pyware gives marching band students many advantages other than the drill. Being able to watch the drill with your spot highlighted helps you to learn, and if you lose your coordinates, being able to print off another set is a great advantage.” - Geneseo Band Student

 The Drill Explorer

The Drill Explorer displays and animates a drill to music. The performer’s place in the drill is brightly spot lit continuously as their position moves from set to set. For a very accurate analysis of a performer’s placement and movement in the drill, the performer can zoom closer to their place. The zoomed display automatically pans the field to keep the performer’s place in view as the drill animates. The performer’s stride is continuously displayed. Animation controls make the performance loop animation between sets, as well as start, stop, and backup at any count of drill.

 "Being able to view the animated drill at home helped make the drill and music more personal. I felt like it was my show." - Geneseo Band Student

 Personalized Coordinate Printout

Prints a list of the performer’s coordinates at each set in a drill. Coordinates can be printed in a variety of sizes; from full page, to small enough to fit in a wallet. With 3D Production, coordinates for an entire production (multiple drills) can be printed in a single list. The list includes the performer’s location at each set with a resolution up to an eighth step. Also shown are set counts and number of counts from the previous set. The Director or Drill Designer no longer has to print hundreds of pages of Coordinate sheets. Now performers can print their own personal Coordinate sheets at home.

 "The simulator made our sets more accurate and helped us to visualize the sets on the field. It was also very advantageous to be able to print our own coordinates quickly." - Geneseo Band Student

 Personalized Printed Drill Book

Prints a powerful personalized drill book containing an overhead printout of each set printed from the performer’s perspective. On the same page, a chart zoomed near the performer’s area of the field is printed with the performer’s path showing from the previous set and to the next set. At the bottom of each page the coordinates of the previous set, current set, and next set are printed. The printed pages can be folded in half and stapled to make a handy 5.5” by 8.5” drill book for use on the field during rehearsals.

 Personalized Thumbnail Printouts

Prints a report consisting of multiple sets per page of a drill. The charts are personalized with the performers place highlighted. Use for quick reference during rehearsals.

 3D Performance Simulator

The patent pending 3D Performance Simulator simulates the drill centering on the performer’s place in the drill. Interactive marching truly comes to life. As a drill is performed, the performer (student) marches their individual part and the performer is scored according to the accuracy of their step, synchronization, and directional changes. Performers march their part using the numeric keypad or the (Optional) Pyware March Pad. With the Pyware March Pad, performers execute their performance using the step off method adopted by many High School Bands and Drum Corps. Top score is 1000 points. The performer’s scores are transmitted online to the drill’s Simulator Leader Board. Performers compete daily to get to the top of the leader board. They are practicing without even realizing it!

 “This year I assigned one of our three songs each week to be marched on the simulator for the highest score possible. Then the students would upload their scores to the leader board. During that week they were allowed to march the song as many times as they wanted to try to improve their score. You wouldn’t believe how much they got into it. Some of them were enthusiastic because they wanted to improve their score, or get the highest score. Some of them kept at it because it was helping them improve the execution of their drill on the field. Some felt that it helped them stay in step better. We even had two kids who started out as alternates and wound up with full positions for the last competition. They used the simulator to practice their marching repeatedly outside of rehearsal. We even put the music over a loud speaker and they marched on the pad while playing their instruments and performing the horn moves.” -

Steve Scherer, Geneseo High School, Fine Arts Department Chair, Director of Bands

 Print Leader Board

Prints a certificate for top performers on the Leader Board. Certificates are used by the director for recognition of a performer’s accomplishments.

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