ProLine Layout System

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ProLine Layout System

The ProLine Field Marking System is the Lowest cost way to keep your athletic fields marked, year after year.

Each set is complete with locators, starter tool and 600’ of layout cord.

  • ProLine field layout system makes it easy to permanently locate key measurements for any sports field eliminating repetitive measurements.
  • Once in place, simply connect the guide string to the markers and begin striping. Anchors for guide string are built in to the markers so they can’t get lost.
  • If marked lines become too faded to follow for re-striping, the locators are still in place. Just restring the particular area, and your marked lines are relocated exactly.
  • Basic sets layout principle markings of playing field. Additional markers available in 6 and 10 piece sets can be used to locate inbound lines, coaches’, team, penalty areas and more.
1) Punch a Hole
2) Set the Marker
3) String your Line

Safe! No open holes to catch cleats or fill with debris / No Rust, nylon will last for years

Measure only once / Built-in guide string anchor

50 piece set for Football Fields Part #10002717 Price $240

Replacement Locators 10 pieces Part #10002723 $50

12 Pieces Part #10002719 $75

25 pieces #10002718 Price $135