Spray Paint & Chalk

White Striping Paint for Yardlines

Apply with Vers-A-Striper

Athletic Marking Paint

Apply with Vers-A-StriperSpray Chalk

Marking Paint

Apply with Marking Stick

Spray Chalk

Apply with Marking Stick / Can be used on Artificial Turfs

Vers - A - Striper

Marking Stick

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SPRAY CHALK (Use with Marking Stick only)

The chalks are a special blend of raw materials that are safe on all surfaces, and are designed specifically for temporary marking, Mark disappears when exposed to water or traffic. Great for marking band formations on concrete or asphalt,or artificial turfs


Apply with Marking Stick only

12 Cans per case, 20-oz. Aerosol (15-oz.)

PRICE $56 + $19 Shipping

ALL PURPOSE MARKING PAINT (Use with Marking Stick only)

- An all purpose paint that is an economically priced marking paint to provide a very cost-effective approach to marking band positions on asphalt, concrete and grass, (possibly will harm grass).


Apply with Marking Stick

12 Cans per case, 20-oz. Aerosol (15-oz.)

PRICE $45 + $19 Shipping

ATHLETIC TURF MARKING PAINT (Use with Vers-A-Striper or Marking Stick)

This Water-based paint is specifically for marking GRASS. It will not damage or burn grass roots. Provides a mark that will last for up to two months or until the grass has grown and cut off. Excellent choice for painting yardline and band formations.

Four Colors - WHITE, YELLOW, RED & BLUE.

Apply with Striper or Marking Stick

12 Cans per case, 20-oz. Aerosol (17-oz.)

PRICE $72+ $19 Shipping

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WHITE STRIPING PAINT FOR FOR YARDLINES (Use with Vers-A-Striper or Marking Stick)

Striping paint is designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces, especially asphalt and concrete.

  • Fast drying, 5 minutes to touch, 30 minutes to handle
  • Durable long lasting color
  • VOC compliant and lead-free
  • Non-clogging spray tip
  • One case of aerosols will yield a 4 inch stripe approximately 800 linear feet
  • Apply with the Vers-A-Striper

    PRICE $69 + $19 Shipping

801 - VERS-A-STRIPER® - for use with Striping Paint and Athletic Paint ONLY!

  • Specially designed for striping athletic field and other surfaces
  • • Stripe widths from 2-4”
  • • 10” diameter wheels
  • • Heavy duty metal construction
  • • Holds 1 case of paint!

    PRICE $119 + $19 Shipping













MARKING STICK - for use with Fugitive Marker, Turf Paint, Marking Paint, Striping Paint and Spray Chalk

  • Save your back!
  • Inverted Spray Cans required
  • Easy to use plastic trigger
  • Attachable to the SmartWheel

    PRICE $30

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