The NEW 6th Edition of the "Techniques Of Marching Band Show Designing"

by Dan Ryder is currently available.

It's Not Just a Book It's a SYSTEM

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The new edition is a comprehensive text that begins with the basics of show designing for the beginner to the complexities for competitive designers. The text presents over 100 concepts with many diagrams and animations of transitions for all size bands. The text has examples on how a drill is designed for young, small bands of 20 winds to middle and large high school bands, to concepts for university bands.

The concepts are presented to show how they are used to interpret musical phrases. The text will provide a strong foundation to show what ideas should be used to fit the music. There are examples to learn how to create original ideas from the concepts. The text will present a strong foundation to show what ideas must be used to fit to the music. With the variety of concepts presented in the text, the designer will be able to develop their personal style.

This text will prepare a drill designer to write a marching show for any size band at any level of difficulty. And, to design transitions that reflect the creative music of the composer.

The diagrams are all created on the Pyware software. The text presents written descriptions of concepts with diagrams representing the ideas, plus animation of the diagrams with the " Real View" function of the program. The Pyware program is required to view the formation charts and animation.

The text includes a flash drive with the complete diagrams and animation to clearly understand all of the concepts.

PRICE for the compete System $126 $180.

  • Includes over 600 Pages
  • Over 500 Diagrams
  • Over 100 Concepts
  • Pyware Deluxe Font, from Craig Harms
  • 15 Chapters
  • Step by step directions to learn new concepts