NEW PowerRyderTM GigRig Expander Case for the SKB Mighty GigRig

Provides portable AC battery power for your Speakers Mixer, Mics & Amplifiers


Replace your gasoline generator with one of our NEW EXCLUSIVE PowerRyderTM GigRig Expander Case

No Toxic Fumes, No Noise, No Gas / Just flip a switch and you have AC Power

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PowerRyderTM GigRig Expander Case with SKB Mighty GigRig® latched on top

PowerRyderTM GigRig® Expander Case

PowerRyderTM GigRig Expander Case with SKB Mighty GigRig ® latched on top

Provides power for all speakers, mixers, mics amplifiers and Ipad® inside your SKB Mighty GigRig®

The PowerRyderTM Expander Case has two AGM batteries which provides a total of 200 amp hrs. of AC power.

Operate your Field PA system for 14-16 hours (based on our testing with the JBL Eon Field PA system)

The Expander Case is very mobile with a sturdy handle and 10" wheels

Educator Price $4394


Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Battery Status Indicators

Master On / Off Switch

AGM Battery Charger

Two AGM Batteries

Heavy Duty Cables

GFCI receptacles

Cable Ports

Educator Price $3844


Custom built cart and Expander Case

Sturdy steel frame

Rugged pull handle

10" Tires Solid

Rechargeable Batteries

Developed to provide SAFE AC Power

Consistent & Dependable

An Exclusive product from Dan Ryder Field Drills & CR Ryder Productions

Educator Price $4394