Two outstanding AKG Miniature condenser clip-on microphones for wind instruments, drums, and percussion instruments, AKGC 519 & C747 V11

Great AKG Mic for your Marimba or Xylophone, AKG PZM®-30D . Attach it on a board on the ground or suspend it under your instrument.

AKG C519 M/C 519 ML

Miniature gooseneck for accurate microphone alignment Including wireless direct adapter for easy use with AKG pocket transmitters.

Detachable microphone cable. Transducer shock mount for high mechanical-noise rejection The C 519 clips onto the bell of a trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, or any other wind instrument (e.g. didgeridoo). Room to move for the wind section at last! Its tight cardioid polar pattern makes the C 519 an ideal tool for use near monitor wedges, and its flat frequency response delivers a natural, powerful, and clear sound.

PRICE $250

AKG C747 V11

Immune to RF interference

Speech optimized frequency range

Enhanced hypercardioid polar pattern

High SPL capability

Premium microphone for ubiquitous applications.

PRICE $699


Hemispherical polar pattern

Pressure Zone Microphone® design prevents coloration from surface sound reflections

Switchable dual-frequency response offers a choice of flat response or rising high-frequency response

Rugged detachable cable

The PZM®-30D is a Pressure Zone Microphones® designed for professional recording, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. Fitting many applications, from micing full orchestras or individual musical instruments to security or teleconferencing, film and video productions.

PRICE $329

The Most Popular Mic on Broadway

AKG PCC®-160

  • Supercardioid polar pattern rejects the pit orchestra and offers an impressive gain before feedback
  • Phase coherent cardioid® design prevents coloration from surface sound reflections
  • Finely crafted, rugged housing withstand the rigors of the stage
  • Low profile to be inconspicuously placed on the stage-floor
  • Industry standard stage-floor microphone

The PCC®-160 is a surface-mounted supercardioid microphone and an industry-standard for lecterns, conference tables, and news desks – wherever improved gain-before-feedback and articulation are important.

Unlike the PZM®, the Phase Coherent Cardioid® uses a sub miniature supercardioid mic capsule. Its directional polar pattern improves gain-before-feedback, reduces unwanted room noise and rejects sounds from the rear. The mic capsule ensures phase coherency up to the highest frequencies, resulting in a wide, smooth frequency response. Capable of withstanding up to 120 dB SPL with-out distorting, the PCC®-160 will never overload in practical use. A “bass tilt” switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response for particular applications. Thanks to its low profile and black finish, the microphone becomes almost invisible in use.

PRICE $299

AKG CS1000S The best all round Mic.

The AKG C 1000 S Condenser Mic is an excellent Instrumental or vocal mic. It works well even from a distance, making it ideal for recording choirs and instruments and other live music ensembles. Outstanding performance when used for instruments and ideal for home recording applications.

A special converter (PCC 1000) turns the microphone characteristics from cardioid to hypercardioid if it is mounted on the mic top. The new PBS 1000 Presence Boost adapter provides an additional ADB high-frequency peak in the cardioid mode, adding brilliance in the 5 to kHz range. Operates on either phantom power or standard 9V battery, and an LED has been added for low-battery warning.

PRICE $279