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Performer's Academy Horn Line Visuals by Richard Lopez

A must DVD for all bands to learn the basics of Horn Line Visuals!

Add visual excitement to your next show with this new video by Richard Lopez, expert guard and band instructor from San Antonio, Texas. The video includes all the latest horn and body visuals. A complete DVD divided into four parts.

Adding visuals to your horn line has never been easier than with Horn Line Visuals-a unique new training DVD that takes you through a series of easy-to-execute visuals for all instruments. Horn Line Visuals consists of four different sections: isolations, progressions, horn visuals and visual combinations. Everything you need to know is detailed in a simple, step-by-step format.


Beginning with simple isolated movements of the upper and lower body, Horn Line Visuals will demonstrate how to more effectively use your space and create texture in your marching forms. In addition, you will also learn the four basic body positions, weight shifts and moving through time.


Put your visuals in motion! In this section of Horn Line Visuals you will learn how to incorporate visuals into drill transitions with simple three-step-turns, moving with elevated steps, and stopping with elevation changes.

Horn Visuals:

Building on simple horn positions for both brass and woodwind instruments, this section of Horn Line Visuals will teach you how to create new lines by utilizing body and horn positions together. You will also learn how to create form changes with body and horn facings, as well as how to generate ripple effects across the field.

Visual Combinations:

For the final segment of Horn Line Visuals, we have developed nine different combinations of various lengths that can be put together, taken apart or used as is to fill any number of counts. We end with a demonstration of the "27 Points in Space" in which the body and horn can travel. This useful exercise will prove very effective in perfecting your new horn line visuals.

Add new dimension to your program with the simple, step-by-step methods of Performer's Academy’s Horn Line Visuals!

Price $45 (30 minute DVD)

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Performer's Academy

"Flag Fundamental Warm up" DVD

by Richard Lopez

In today’s competitive color guard world, nothing can be more important than a strong fundamental program. With Performer’s Academy’s latest video, Flag Fundamental Warm-up, strengthening your program’s fundamentals has never been easier! We have designed a basic flag warm-up that includes spins, isolations, flourishes and carves. Each exercise is explained in detail to ensure students use proper hand positions, check points and equipment pathways. Finally, we have organized the exercises into a comprehensive 5-minute warm-up routine that will build the skills essential to any successful color guard program. Creating and cleaning choreography will become painless with the strength and precision built by Performer’s Academy’s Flag Fundamental Warm-up.

 DVD Price$45

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