Field Markers 


Non-Aerosol Paint Field Stripers

Striping Paint for Yardlines

Athletic Paint / Marking Paint Spray Chalk

Paint Striper

Marking Pegs (For Grass Practice Fields)

PRO Yardline Markers



Football Number Stencils

Marking Stick

Marking Arrows /

Marking Dots /

Yardline Markers

Drill Markers

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  • Made of lightweight plastic, 11" x'11"
  • Markers are numbered "G' (goal) through "50" in ten yard increment, then backdown to "G" again.

Price $65

 Also Available Pro Yardline Markers

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Drill Markers

Plastic disks to mark reference points

  • Use anywhere you practice
  • Simply lay them down
  • 5 colors to choose from: LIGHT BLUE, ROYAL BLUE,YELLOW,WHITE and RED
  • Packaged in a nylon bag.

Price 50 per bag $18 (specify color)

Price 100 per bag $39 (specify color)


Step Markers (Squares not pictured)

2 .5" x 2 .5 " heavy square markers are ideal for marking your drill positions. Will not blow away. Colors 'White, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey and Yellow

Price 100 per bag $38

Barricade tape Discontinued

Select from THREE types!

Reserved for Band / Reserved for Drill Team / Reserved for Band Boosters

The tape comes on a 1,000 ft. roll of 3 inch wide yellow vinyl with bold black lettering.

Another Exclusive product from Dan Ryder Field Drills!

Use this custom barricade tape to eliminate problems to keep your students safer and:
  • To reserve seating for your band and visiting bands at football games and other athletic events.
  • At concerts and festivals - reserved seating for band students
  • Areas restricted only for band students - loading or unloading personnel or equipment
  • To block off your practice area on school parking lots
  • To keep unwanted persons away from students and equipment

Price $20 per roll of 1000 feet

RESERVED FOR BAND...... Price $20



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