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Striping Paint for Yardlines

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Paint Striper

Marking Pegs (For Grass Practice Fields)

PRO Yardline Markers

Football Number Stencils


Marking Stick

Marking Arrows / Marking Dots /

"Reserved for Band" Barricade Tape

"Reserved for Band Boosters" Barricade Tape

"Reserved for Drill Team" Barricade Tape

Yardline Markers

Drill Markers

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  • Made of lightweight plastic, 11" x'11"
  • Markers are numbered "G' (goal) through "50" in ten yard increment, then backdown to "G" again.

Price $60

 Also Available Pro Yardline Markers

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Drill Markers

Plastic disks to mark reference points

  • Use anywhere you practice
  • Simply lay them down
  • 5 colors to choose from: LIGHT BLUE, ROYAL BLUE,YELLOW,WHITE and RED
  • Packaged in a nylon bag.

Price 50 per bag $18 (specify color)

Price 100 per bag $29 (specify color)

Step Markers (Squares not pictured)

2"x2" heavy square markers are ideal for marking your drill positions. Will not blow away. Colors Red, Blue and Yellow

Price 100 per bag $30

Barricade tape Discontinued

Select from THREE types!

Reserved for Band / Reserved for Drill Team / Reserved for Band Boosters

The tape comes on a 1,000 ft. roll of 3 inch wide yellow vinyl with bold black lettering.

Another Exclusive product from Dan Ryder Field Drills!

Use this custom barricade tape to eliminate problems to keep your students safer and:
  • To reserve seating for your band and visiting bands at football games and other athletic events.
  • At concerts and festivals - reserved seating for band students
  • Areas restricted only for band students - loading or unloading personnel or equipment
  • To block off your practice area on school parking lots
  • To keep unwanted persons away from students and equipment

Price $20 per roll of 1000 feet

RESERVED FOR BAND...... Price $20



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